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Tay Valley Bible Camp

Summer Youth Camp for Guys & Girls - 2021

Register by June 1st for $10 off summer camp fees

COVID-19 Statement - Please Read!

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Ball Hockey Camps

Ball Hockey Mini-Camp for 12-17 yr. olds

June 27th-July 2nd

Registration: 2-4pm on Sunday, June 27th

Pick-up: 5-6pm on Friday, July 2nd

Cost: $150

Ball Hockey Mini-Camp for 7-11 yr. olds

June 30th-July 2nd

Registration: 9-10am on Wednesday, June 30th

Pick-up: 5-6pm on Friday, July 2nd

Cost: $75

Campers who attend Ball Hockey Camp will receive $25 off a week of teen or junior camp.

Teen Camp - Ages 13-17

Adventure Teen Camp: July 4th - 9th

Traditional Teen Camp: July 11th - 16th

Both Teen Camps: July 4th - 16th (weekend not included)

Registration: 2-4pm on Sunday

Pick-up: 5-6pm on Friday

Cost: $150 per week or $250 for both weeks

Attend Ball Hockey Camp and receive $25 off your first week of Teen Camp!

Junior Camp - Ages 7-12

Ages 7-9: July 18th - 23rd

Ages 10-12: July 25th - 30th

Registration: 2-4pm on Sunday

Pick-up: 5-6pm on Friday

Cost: $150 per week

Attend Ball Hockey Camp and receive $25 off a week of Junior Camp!

Work Weekends

Work weekends are open to everyone! Any teen can earn $25 off their summer camp fee for each work day they help. 

May 29th: Work day at camp 9am-3pm. Lunch and snacks will be provided.

TBD: Staff training at Faith Baptist Church 9am-3pm.

Work Camp - August 1st - 5th: Work mini-camp for teens and adults. Arrival starts at 2pm on the 1st and pick up is 2pm on the 5th. Please RSVP, if you are able to attend. *Teens may receive training on how to evangelize, and then possibly go out into the community to practice.

Teen Retreats

Fall Teen Retreat: TBD

This retreat is open to teens in grades 7-12. The cost is $50. Join us for Bible times to grow in your walk with God, games, activities, friends and great food!

Off the Grid teen retreat: TBD

This retreat is open to teens in grades 7-12. The cost is $30. This retreat is perfect for the adventurous teen. During this retreat there will be no electricity or running water. We will live like they did in the past. But don't be fooled, we have lots of fun during this retreat! Space is limited, so please register early.

Teen Retreats at Faith Baptist Church in New Maryland.

These retreats start Saturday morning at 10am and end at 7pm. Cost is $10. All teens in grades 7-12 are welcome!

Next date: 

Young Adult Retreat

June 25th - 27th

Registration: 7pm Friday

Departure: 10am Sunday

Register to reserve your spot!

Tay Valley Bible Camp is offering a retreat for young adults ages 18 and up, single or married. This retreat will be time for young adults to get apart from their busy lives, grow in their walks with God, and have some fun. This retreat is for adults only.

The schedule will include Bible times, time to relax, campfires as well as various games, activities, and outdoor adventures that retreaters can choose to participate in.

Single retreaters will stay in cabins with other retreaters of their gender. Married couples will have a room in one of the houses or can choose to bring a tent or trailer.

Cost is $50 per person. All meals and lodging are included. 

Revive: Pastors' & Christian Workers' Retreat

August 2nd - 4th

Register to reserve your spot!

This retreat is open to all pastors, associate pastors, youth pastors/leaders, Christian workers, and their spouses. This FREE retreat includes lodging and registration begins Monday at 10am. This retreat ends on Wednesday at 10am. The schedule for this retreat can be viewed here.

The speaker and the special music for whole group sessions will be announced soon! This retreat will also feature break-out sessions and round table discussions about various topics.

In addition, attendees will have lots of time to fellowship, relax, or choose to participate in various activities. More information coming soon!

Please register early to reserve your spot. Rooms and cabins are available. Tents, trailers and RV's are welcome.

Reinvent: Creative Retreat for Ladies

September 17th-19th

Register to reserve your spot!

Reinvent is a creative retreat for ladies ages 16 and up. Come join us for times of fellowship, food and fun. Speaker for Bible times will be announced soon. This retreat will include creative sessions that you can pick and choose from based on your interests. Sessions could include the following: jewelry making, painting, sign making, wood burning, needle crafts, candy making, candle making, canning, scrapbooking, sewing projects, card making and much more. No talent or skill is required, only a willing attitude to try new things.

Cost is $50, and all meals and lodging are included. Online registration gives the option for online payment. If you are willing to lead a session for approximately 6 people, the cost is $35.

This retreat starts Friday evening at 7pm and ends on Sunday with a continental breakfast and short devotional time. If you are unable to come until Saturday or need to leave Saturday night, please note that on the online registration form.

Please register early to ensure your spot. Lodging options include a room in one of the houses, in a cabin with other ladies (if you come with a group, your group can have their own cabin), or you can bring a tent or trailer.

Attention Returning Campers!

For EACH new camper you bring to camp, you will receive $10 OFF your total camp fee.

Please Note: A non-refundable registration fee of $15 MUST be sent with the registration form and applies toward the total cost.

Arrival & Departure: Camp sessions begin with check-in on Sunday afternoon between 2 - 4pm. and departure Friday evening between 5-6pm.

No camper is rejected because of a lack of funds. If financial assistance is needed, or if you have a question, please feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions


Cabin assignments are made with consideration given to a camper’s age, size and development. Friends who come to camp together may request to be placed in the same cabin on their pre-registration form. Due to space limitations however, we may not be able to accomodate all such requests.


Since mail is sometimes slow, we recommend that you write early in the week, or if you want your camper to have a letter on arrival, mail it the week before camp. Let grandparents and friends know to write early too.

The mailing address during camp season only is:

500 Tay Valley Road

Taymouth, NB, Canada

E6C 2H1

We feel strongly about you writing your kids while they are at camp and it means the world to them when they hear from you. If you would like, you can leave your camper a letter on the opening day of their session. Please keep all communications to your campers by mail only. We are not set up to accept letters by e-mail or fax.


We have 3 girl's cabins and 2 boy's cabins, each outfitted with bunks. Each cabin is enclosed and sleeps 8-10 campers and 2 counselors.


We use and suggest the King James Bible.


Don’t worry, mom, we serve three nutritionally balanced meals a day. There is always plenty available.


Campers will be given the opportunity to purchase candy, chips, pop, and more at the Snack Shack twice daily on a credit system. To set up a credit, you must deposit an amount of your choice ($15 is plenty) into the camper's Snack Shack account upon arrival on the opening day of their session. Any unused portion will be refunded on closing day. Please don’t allow your child to bring any cash to hold onto during camp.


Let us assure you that we take homesickness seriously, and we are well equipped to handle it. Our counselors are trained and know when to alert the Camp Directors. After lots of experience, we’ve learned the following: that by watching for early signs, homesickness is usually avoidable; that once parents are out of sight, counselors and other campers come into a child’s focus and the fun starts; and that parents are usually more uneasy about leaving their children than children are in leaving their parents. If a problem persists, we will contact the parents. Should you choose to remove your child from camp due to homesickness, please understand that you will not receive a refund.


Telephone calls from parents or friends are limited to an emergency. Please feel free to call the Camp Directors if you need to discuss

something relating to your camper. Campers are not allowed to use the phone during their stay at Tay Valley except for emergencies. It is our experience that talking to your child while away from home can be very disruptive. For any child prone to homesickness it usually intensifies it and the results are hard on the camper, parents and staff alike. We encourage parents to call camp to check in on the well being of their child at any time. Parents, relatives, and friends are requested to limit visitation to camp during the opening and closing days only.


The Directors reserve the right to dismiss any camper whose influence and conduct becomes detrimental to the best interests of the program. No refunds will be made for dismissed campers or withdrawals. Any forfeiture of deposits or fees will be put in our Camper Sponsorship fund.

Packing list for a 6-day session

Clothing - enough warm and cool clothing for camp session including a warm jacket, extra socks, sweater and/or sweatshirts, shorts, pants, PJs, modest swim wear, rain gear, and change of footwear. Please label all garments. (Please dress modestly - no "short" shorts, bikini's, or midriff baring T's etc.)

Personal toiletries including: mosquito repellent, sunscreen, beach towel, bath towel, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc. (Private showers are available)

Warm bedding - Sleeping bag, pillow, and extra blanket. Don't forget your flashlight!

Bible, notebook, pen/ pencil

Money for Snack Shack (to be placed in credit account upon arrival - unused portion is returned to camper)

Backpack for hiking, water bottle (optional)

Camera/film (optional - please no expensive cameras)

Please do not bring - Electronics such as iPods, iPads, cell phones, laptops, Gameboys, DVD players, etc., magazines, fireworks, alcoholic beverages, drugs or tobacco.

We look forward to seeing you at camp!

Want to help us out?

If you are interested in being staff, you can download our staff application form here or complete an electronic form! Email it to Donald Campbell at [email protected] or mail it to him at 14 Pluto Court, Hanwell, NB, E3C 2M8.